October 17, 2019
One reason Lincoln Crowne and Company Pty. Limited follows closely the example set by their founder and lead executive, Nick Assef, is because it works. They like to engage in negotiations using strategies and tactics that are based on "game theory." By doing so, there is generally greater flexibility and innovation, which means the results are good for everyone involved, which is the very definition of a “win-win.” That ambition was pretty much fulfilled, since the firm is not one of the most prominent firms anywhere. While they specialize in the Australian and South East Asian markets, they negotiate deals all over the world.

Lincoln Crowne and Company was founded by Nick Assef many years ago, for the purpose of creating one of the best business and investment advisory businesses in the world. Everyone at the firm realizes that their clients choose Lincoln Crowne to get a lot more than the basic services they can get elsewhere. Each one has a specific outcome in mind and they want the firm’s professional team to get them there. They craft solutions that maximize shareholder value and keep their client’s business growing.
April 22, 2019
The reality is, Lincoln Crowne and Company gets things done for their business clients. They have a preference for implementing the most innovative negotiation tactics and strategies, including many that are based on "game theory." Using such tactics allows for greater flexibility and innovation in any negotiation in any area of business, which means their clients get a finely honed edge in negotiations. The people at Lincoln Crown are known well as “tenacious” negotiators and they are also recognized for their skills at finding solutions that manage to maximize shareholder value. One reason for the high level of skill at Lincoln Crowne and Company comes with their high level of recruitment.

Everyone at Lincoln Crowne and Company is quite well aware that clients do not hire a firm like theirs because they want basic investment services. They expect something special. In most cases, they have a specific outcome in mind, and they hire Lincoln Crowne and Company to help them achieve that. They only hire professionals to work at the firm who are capable of handling any complex transaction, from mergers and acquisitions, to joint ventures and partnerships.